SteelBridge Networks has you covered, whether you’re in need of basic computer maintenance or a strong cybersecurity plan. Contact us and we’ll get started setting you up, locking you down and saving you money.

Computer & Network Maintenance

Don’t ignore the basics. We understand small businesses need to keep their computers and networks running smoothly and efficiently. SteelBridge ensures that each of your workstations, laptops and servers areoperating at peak efficiency. This includes proactive maintenance for your computers, as well as technical support for your users.

Networks are important. SteelBridge is there to keep your staff as productive as possible.

Desktop & Server Backups

Your data is critical. We’ll protect it like we protect our own, with reliable, affordable backup solutions that give you the peace of mind you demand and expect.

SteelBridge offers backup solutions designed to meet your RTO and RPO while staying within your budget.


Worried about cybersecurity, but overwhelmed by it all?  We can help you understand the basics and how best to implement the most important security recommendations.


There is a lot of information out there on cybersecurity. What is and isn't real is sometimes hard to decipher, that's what SteelBridge is for. We're here to keep you on the safe path.

Disaster Recovery

Don’t let an outage cost you money or customers! System failures happen all the time, the secret is to anticipate them and have a plan in place to work around them. Backup Office 365 and Google GSuite with innovative cloud-to-cloud backup solutions.

SteelBridge works with multiple vendors and can select the right choice for your situation. You need a plan, we have the answer.

The Cloud

Cloud-curious?  We’ve successfully moved many small businesses to the cloud. We can help with yours. Microsoft Office 365 or Google GSuite, Chromebooks or iPads.

Moving to the cloud isn't just about being with the 'in crowd', it's about being efficient with your resources as well as being up to date in a fast paced world. We can help you with the in's and out's of all your cloud options.

Right-size your Technology Footprint

Infrastructure costs too high? ‘Right-size’ your business by doing more with less. Virtualize your servers and save money.

Our goal for your company is the same as it is for our company. Help you save time and money. We can help you determine what technology and hardware is needed, and what isn't. This can change quickly in today's fast paced technology landscape.

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